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The Pest Calendar

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Published: October, 2020

The Yearly Pest Calendar

Each season brings many different and varied pests indoors and out. Many times we are asked what seasons bring what pests, so…. we have listed a yearly calendar for your reference.

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The Pest Calender

January & February

During the winter months you will see a lot more Rats & Mice activity has they seek warm places to live & to forage for food & water sources

Cockroaches tend to like the summer warmer days & numbers fall during the winter months with exception to those that are living in warm places within the building.



When the weather begins to warm up you will hear the birds chirping loudly this is normally a sign that they are building nests ready to have their chicks.

Around the end of March you will start to see Ants and other insects that normally stay around until November if the environment is not to severe.

Clothes Moth are very active around March and most of the summer months, if do have any fabrics within your business premises it may be wise to place monitoring Moth Pots around the building.

Large numbers of Bees are being seen in late March through till September.


April & May

April & May have lots of insects around as well has Rats & Mice.

Wasps start to appear when they start to build their nests.



Lots of different insects are reported in June from Wasps, Bees, Food Storage Beetles, Bed Bugs & Fleas

Rats, Mice, Squirrels are also steadily reported through the summer months.



Increased levels of Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Fleas & House Flies start to multiply, July is the month where Wasps and ants begin to really begin to flourish. If you are a business be proactive and look for advice to deter Wasps & Ants before they take over.



Wasps & Ants are a constant threat during August.

You will still see Rats and Mice throughout August.



During September the Pest Control emergency calls slowdown has the insect threat reduce.

Regrettably, Wasps continue at high levels for another month but can go on longer depending on environmental conditions.

Rats, Mice and Cockroaches are all a real threat through September.


Many insects disappear altogether as autumn begins, with wasps often surviving well into October & sometimes into November. Rats, mice will look for the warmth of buildings such as sheds and our homes to keep warm and protected. Make sure your buildings are Rodent proofed (ie no holes in brickwork)



Ants & Wasps come to an end.

Increased levels of Rats & Mice are a certainty during the colder winter months.



Lots of insects die off due to the winter environment but be warned if the climate stays warm they can live longer.


 Each pest controller will notice that insects and Rodents are environmentally driven & that there are constant changes in their behaviours from year to year.



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