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Signs that you may have a bees nest

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Published: July, 2020

Young Bee HiveBees are magnificent insects that will help preserve the ecological balance. They contribute to the growth of fauna & flora by their pollination. If disturbed they can become a pest and can be dangerous around Pets and Humans.

There could be Bees swarming around the outside of your home that you probably never notice.

Clues that you possibly have a Bee Nest close to your home

How do you know if there is a Bees nest close to your home

Are you noticing a lot of Bee activity in and round your home and if you are there could be a Bees nest nearby. It is normal to see some bees in your garden area in and around flower beds. If you are seeing big amount of Bees there is most likely a nest.

Bees can often be seen bobbing around roof tiles and Fascia boards from early April. Most Bees are harmless and normally will not sting you unless you are to close or you disturb the nest. When Bees do attack they send out a pheromone to each other which can often tell the Bees to attack you. Depending on age, underlining health issues such as Anaphylactic Shock most people would not die from a Bee sting. Anaphylaxis shock is a dangerous and potentially life-threatening condition caused by an allergic reaction.

If Bees can be left alone and not disturbed they should be left alone completely, if they do start to attack, you should look at getting a professional pest controller to remove them. Do not attempt to move them yourself because they will become very angry very quickly and you will most likely be stung multiple times.

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